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An Art Form

Installing plumbing in multifamily dwellings has become an art form, and we are at the top of the game. A lot of builders specialize in one form of multifamily dwelling or another – we handle all of them: Apartments, Condominiums, Mixed Use, Student Housing, Age Restricted and Low Income. If you are looking for a plumbing partner for a large building project in the SF Bay Area, Monterey bay area, and Central Valley, we’re the team for you. We haven’t missed a project delivery deadline in our 45 years of operation!


Apartments are one of the largest housing markets in the United States, with a recent HUD and Census Bureau study confirming that 20% of all families live in a multifamily housing unit – the majority being apartments.

The need for plumbing in apartment complexes is two-fold. Not only is there the need for each individual unit to have working bathrooms and a kitchen, there is often also the need for a community pool, exercise facility with multi-stall bathroom and shower facilities, entertaining areas with drinking fountains or even wet bar type areas.


Condominiums often share much of the same need as apartment builds. These units, although individually owned, share community property that can include items like pools and recreation areas.

In addition, they are also often owned by seniors or upscale professional who like specific high end fixtures in their kitchens and baths. We do high end condo plumbing so your clients get everything they want.

Our talented and skilled crafts people make sure that the details shine and that your clients are blown away by the high end fixtures and quality craftsmanship.


A new trend in multifamily living is the mixed-use community where everything is built into one area – commercial buildings, retail spaces, entertainment areas and cultural meeting spaces. These areas can often be seen as self sustaining communities or cities within a city.

We’ve worked on many of these projects and installed everything from large recirculating fountains to individual spas in the design. Nothing is left to chance and everything is checked and double checked to make sure that it is of the highest quality that we can deliver.

Student Housing

College living has undergone a huge transformation in the past 10 to 15 years. Where there used to be on campus dorms and extremely basic off campus units, now there is a whole move toward luxury amenities.

Today’s students want more than a place, they want an experience. Most of these new developments have things like spas, fitness centers, huge recreation rooms and even upscale eateries right on the premises.

We deliver student housing plumbing solutions that are guaranteed to put your complex on the map and keep it there.

Age Restricted

In the age restricted communities that are popping up all over the Bay Area and beyond, we are finding that community is the main focus.

There is plenty of need for safety conscious plumbing – like walk in tubs – but the focus is on fully functional community centers and industrial sized community kitchens.

We have extensive experience delivering safety conscious, yet aesthetically pleasing high end solutions to your clients. Our attention to detail is uncompromising and is the reason that over 80% of all of our clients use us again!


The low income sector continues to grow and the need for affordable housing has never been greater. Yet because these projects are usually subsidized by government grants, they are subject to payment of Davis-Bacon wages and additional reporting and construction requirements.

Can-Am Plumbing has extensive experience assisting builders in developing plumbing specifications to meet the local, state and federal requirements of subsidized low-income housing, and the accounting knowledge to prepare certified payroll and other reports timely and accurately. Additionally, since labor costs incurred in our offsite prefabrication facility are usually exempt from Davis-Bacon wage requirements, our total labor costs for a prevailing wage project are usually significantly less than those incurred by union contractors.

We’ve worked on projects in all of these classes and are fully versed in the building codes and ordinances that govern them. You won’t find a more complete partner in the Northern California plumbing industry. Call us today to find out more.

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