Can-am Plumbing inspecting Commercial Plumbing work.

A Career With Can-Am

Looking for a career in construction? Want to learn one of the highest-paying trades in the industry? Already a master plumber, but tired of 24-hour, on-call emergencies? Join the best plumbing contractor in Northern California – an organization that since 1972 has respected the plumbing professional!

  • Full-time employment year-round
  • All positions paid by hour
  • No piece-work pay or commissions!
  • Health insurance
  • Life insurance – Can-Am pays entire premium!
  • 401k plan
  • Optional credit union membership
  • Optional direct deposit of paycheck

Need more information? Click here to contact us, or call us at (925) 846-1833.
¿Sé habla espanol? Hablé (925) 846-1833 ext 3025

Convinced now? Please call for application, or email printable application here. Complete an application in person at:

Main Office
(925) 846-1833
151 Wyoming Street
Pleasanton, California 94566
License #286411

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