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Unmatchable Experience

Our 45 years of commercial plumbing experience covers projects as varied as churches, hospitals, restaurants, medical and dental buildings, schools, warehouses, strip malls, office buildings, industrial plants, shopping centers and more. We are fully aware that no two projects are the same and that’s why our philosophy delivers high quality results every time.

We have a huge dedicated staff that allows us to handle 50+ projects simultaneously while still delivering the individualized attention that they deserve. You can rest assured that we have the experience to deliver quality results on your project.

Can-am Plumbing inspecting Commercial Plumbing work.
Can-am Plumbing Technician

Quality Service and Results

Commercial plumbing solutions are at the heart of what Can-Am Plumbing does. Every project starts with a key customer contact assigned to you so you don’t have to worry about having several different contact points for your project. Our designer and foreman work together on all phases of the design for your build. Then the superintendent handles all resource planning and allocation so you don’t have to worry about any of the planning on the plumbing level of your project. Our foreman is then free to focus on delivering a high quality product on time, every time. In fact, this system has resulted in us being on time for every project we have handled over the past 45 years.

Pre Construction Service

Before we ever break ground on a new plumbing project we do a full design and fabrication. Our knowledgeable staff is unmatched in its ability to estimate the project cost and offers full design assistance with a dedicated planning resource for each and every project. Because our staff works exclusively in new construction we have an unparalleled knowledge of city code and ordinances from our years of work in Northern California cities. Our commercial plumbing staff will also assist with regulatory approval, especially with new design alternatives. The goal of all of our pre construction efforts is to address all planning details – the first critical step for every high quality project.

Can-Am Plumbing Technician Pre-fabrication threaded pipe
Can-Am Plumbing Design Build Team

Design Build

Our design build team builds upon the expertise learned in our 45+ years of installing plumbing systems in all types of buildings throughout the Bay Area and northern California. Our personnel have developed a seamless system for designing and implementing plumbing construction while the final design elements are finalized. Our longtime relationships with consulting engineers and knowledge of national and local codes will enable you to initiate construction far earlier than most projects, while still being sure your project will have a quality plumbing system that meets all requirements – all at a competitive cost.


Once we have secured the project, our build team starts the prefabrication of all materials needed on the job.

All of the plumbing materials needed on the project are cut and fitted in a controlled warehouse environment so there is no need to make cuts on site.

All of these cuts are done with precision equipment so there is less waste and the material costs are kept down.

Pre-fabrication process from Can-Am Plumbing

The result of our design build process is that you save both time and money on your commercial build. Your staff can focus on other issues on the build site and rest assured that we have the plumbing under control, just as we have for countless commercial builders over the past 45 years.

Call our commercial plumbing staff today and see what our years of expert service can do for you and your next project.

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